Getting to know me.

You want to know about me? Unfortunately I find this question not so easy to explain… By the age of 23 I have racked up quite a few life-changing experiences that most teenagers or adults have never had to endure. To explain who I am would require me to type out a very long, brutal and candid novel (which would hopefully be a bestseller!)P1010105

But to give anyone who is reading this some insight into myself and my life I’ll give you a few things you ought to know:

  • I am London born and bred.
  • My top 5 passions in life are: Reading, Writing, Fashion, Travelling, & last but not least, my cats.
  • I named my pet hamster ‘Winston’, not because of Winston Churchill, but because I want my engagement ring to come from Harry Winston – a girl can dream right?
  • I believe in Horoscopes and all of that Astrology ‘nonsense’.
  • My dream is to travel around the Middle East, even if it isn’t the safest of places for a girl to visit.
  • I love languages, French being my absolute favourite, but I’m finding learning Arabic a little bit harder to grasp…

Everything else about me will be seen through my posts (apart from the juicy stories that probably wouldn’t help my current/future internship/job prospects).

So ladies & gentlemen, thank you for taking your valuable time to read my nonsense.

From London with love,


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