My chunky love affair.

Today I looked at my lovely jewellery tree, which is normally only sporting dainty little Alex Monroe pieces from birthday’s past or old discoloured Urban Outfitters necklaces, but then I realised that all of those delicate or broken necklaces were engulfed by my recent obsession of ‘make a statement’ jewellery.

I stay true to my little four leaf clover Alex Monroe necklace, or my Dinny Hall Talitha pendant given to me by my brother on my 21st birthday, but I decided a while back to cheat on my dainty beloveds and go for something bigger in size (obviously no sexual connotations here…).

I didn’t think my love affair with chunky statement jewellery would last long, ‘just another passing fashion phase’ I thought to myself, but oh how wrong I was, and unfortunately, my bank balance didn’t seem too pleased with my chunky love affair either.

However, my bank balance didn’t see my money-saving ways at first, but once I had the statement jewels that I thought was enough to cover most outfits in my wardrobe, I felt no need to go looking for another printed top or blouse – just popping on one of my statement necklaces instantly made wearing a plain white top all the more fun and quirky – as seen below.


Chunk-ify to have some fun with the plain basics.

When it comes to statement necklaces, I divide mine into two camps: the bling-jewel crew, and the edgy tribals. As you can see from the ‘bling-jewel’ style, I do have a passionate love for an Emerald green or Gold:


Greens & Gold’s.
– Green cuff & both necklaces: Accessorize
– Chunky chain: Urban Outfitters
– Scallop style gold necklace: Topshop

With my selection of the ‘edgy & tribal-esque’ necklaces, I find these sharp structured lines work best with a simple silk or textured top, preferably with no pattern as the jewellery is doing the talking for the outfit itself:


Lines, Curves & Points:
– All the above is from Topshop (not so adventurous, but at a price that keeps both me and my bank balance happy).

Does a long gold spike necklace work with a nice white formal dress? Well, I thought so, and here was the result:


Plain white dress? Edge it up.

Obviously my opinion is heavily biased, but my verdict is that YES, the long spike chain necklace completely transformed a plain white bodycon dress (from Zara) into something INTERESTING, something that stood out from the sea of expensive little gold chain necklaces.

By adding that chunky edgy statement to your everyday or formal outfit, I promise you will have a lot more fun, and notice a lot more compliments on your quirky choice. Just remember to make sure none of the spikes of edges harm anyone in the process wearing your new chunky friend!

Time to love you & leave you now!

With love from London,